Here are some questions you may have before you begin therapy.

Do you take insurance?

I do not accept insurance. I am happy to provide a receipt called a superbill, which you can submit to your insurance for OUT-of-NETWORK benefits. Please check with your insurance.

Why don’t you take insurance?

I understand that therapy is a significant investment financially and the ability to use insurance is helpful. I have decided the values that insurance companies have (their profit) does not align with my values for the work I would like to do (provide healing and transformation for my clients). For this reason, I have chosen not to work with insurance companies where I would be required to be in agreement with their values and approach to treatment. I also am not in agreement that everyone needs a diagnosis (required by insurance) and many people without a diagnosis can still benefit from treatment. Some of you may choose not to have a diagnosis and you will not be tied to one. 

Insurance companies also pay significantly less and would result in me having to work more and reduce my quality of care for my clients. You would become another number rather than being a person.

The investment you will make into therapy (as long as you committed to the complete treatment) will be a life long transformation and the changes you will see will reap eternal rewards. If you are living a life with less anxiety, with joy, and with peace – perhaps you will have a better quality of life? Perhaps you will spend less in health care costs (yes mental health unaddressed shows up with physical illness)! Perhaps you will make more money because you will show up in life with full vigor and energy.  

How much do you charge?

My typical charges range from $185-300 per session. 

Individual 50 minute session: $185 via Zelle/Cash or $195 via CC payment 

Individual 60 minute session: $200 via Zelle/Cash or $210 via CC payment

Couple 60 minute session: $225 via Zelle/Cash or $235 via CC payment

Couple 80 minute session: $300 via Zelle/Cash or $315 via CC payment (new Couple appointments are 80 minute sessions)

Individual Add-on 25 minute session: $100 additional to your main session

Couple Add-on 25 minute session: $125 additional to your main session

Intensive sessions: 1 day @ $2000; weekend @ $4000; 2 days @ $6000

How long does therapy take?

Research has shown individuals and couples that engage in one year of therapy consistently (ie weekly sessions) have more positive outcomes in their healing. Depending on what our goals are working together, sometimes healing can take longer. Other times people come in for short periods to address a current crisis.

Please note, if you decide to come in for a short period to address a crisis, your distress will reduce temporarily. However, if you are looking for sustained change, you will need to commit to long-term therapy.

Do you have sessions on the weekends?

I provide intensive therapy sessions on the weekend; each day consists of 6-8 hours of therapeutic work and each day is $2000. Intensive sessions are great for getting a head start in your treatment since therapy can be slow when done once a week. 

One-off sessions on the weekend are available at an extra cost (additional $25-50 per above cost breakdown). 

How do I schedule an appointment, when I am ready?

I am so excited you have decided to work with me, the best and fastest way to book an appointment with me is online. Get started here:

Current Clients

For my current clients, this link will give you access to the online portal where you can make changes to your schedule, request new appointments and access all the billing documents.

Schedule Your First Appointment

If you are ready to begin, no need to wait! By clicking below, you will be taken to my online scheduler where you can schedule your first session with me at your convenience. No judgment if it’s at midnight 😉 I look forward to helping you in your journey.

Request a Free Phone Consultation

Need more information before you begin? I provide a free 15-minute phone consultation to make sure I would be a good fit for your needs. If your questions have not been answered on this website, I would love to chat with you and help you determine whether or not we can work together.